This colourful neighbourhood was named in honour of Queen Maria II’s first born child – Príncipe Real stands for Royal Prince – and it has been known for its antique shops and LGBT culture.

Although still a residential district it has been evolving into a posh and artistic shopping area and an attractive touristic area with the Natural History Museum and its surrounding soothing Botanical Garden, the vibrant and exquisite Pavilhão Chinês bar, the thriving and unique Embaixada Mall, the romantic and chillin Principe Real Graden square where the much popular local organic farmer’s market takes place every Saturday and the “must-see” stunning city views from São Pedro de Alcântara garden.

Located north of Bairro Alto and spreading down hill onto São Bento where the national Parliament bulding stands, all its charming architecture and trendy ambience has turned Principe Real into one of the most desirable neighborhoods to live in Lisbon. Old buildings are being modernized and a young population is moving in.

Illustration by Nuno Tuna

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