LISBÃO, it looks like tiles

LISBÃO, it looks like tiles

Do you know what this is? They’re shaped like tiles, they’re made in Lisbon, and they’re called Lisbão. They are not tiles, they are soaps!

Pun intended, between the word Lisbon and the word “sabão” (soap), the Lisbão brand was created in Lisbon, inspired by its well known decorative tiles and surely by the lyrics of a joyful local tune that goes like “…cheira bem, cheira a Lisboa”, meaning something like “…smells so good, smells like Lisbon”.

The creator, Charles do Rosário, was born in France 46 years ago and lives in Lisbon for 19 years now, and his business idea came up because he fell in love with the city and its characteristic tiles and found that soap is indeed the perfect way to recreate this Portuguese handicraft, so desired but unfortunately, many times ripped off the ancient building’s facades.

These soaps aim to raise awareness about preservation and respect for Lisbon’s heritage and has been a favorite choice of mine whenever I want to gift some foreigner friend.
It is the perfect souvenir to take a little bit of Lisbon back home, for we all know that smell is one of the senses that most activate memories and the immense traditional patterns are perfectly reproduced with wonderful and original smells such as orchard, bitter almond (a Portuguese liquor) or lemon “carioca” (a typical traditional light lemon infusion).

Starting from today and until December 23 you can find Lisbão soaps at Principe Real Christmas Market, but these soaps are handmade, so if you’d like to keep updated, follow Lisbão and contact them.

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