Let me tell you about one of my vanity favorite stores in town!
The Drogaria São Domingos drugstore, is a long-time favorite of mine, although it doubles my age, existing.

My whole body finds all the care needed, here. From hygiene to cosmetics, from perfumery to haircare, this store is packed top to bottom with all the well-known brands, all the best affordable cosmetics, and all the treasured Brasilian and African products for my wild curly hair.

There is also a wonderful selection of Portuguese products like the Alba stockings and underwear, the uncomparable Ach Brito Cologne, the artisanal and creamy Claus Porto soaps, my irreplaceable hand cream Benamôr 1925 and even the oldie Clarim laundry soap for that fresh scent of hand-washed clothing.

Apart from shopping I always find myself gazing at their two small corner windows, which are kind of a mini-museum with vintage aesthetics, classical shaving brushes, and razor blades.

At Drogaria São Domingos at Baixa, you surely find what you need, with personalized advice, a nice compliment, and good conversation, which, let’s face it, also does a lot for our well being.

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