RIVE-ROUGE, Clubbing in Lisbon

RIVE-ROUGE, Clubbing in Lisbon

Rive Rouge opened in 2014 and since then this Club on top of Time Out Market at Cais do Sodré has a faithful and cool audience.

The Cais do Sodré club has new management, as João Fernandes, aka DJ Kamala assumes the responsibility to endure and honor the work of the late Manuel Reis, also the owner of Lux Club.

This new chapter of the Club intends to evolve into a broader musical aesthetic, new decor and a wider audience, as different moods will parade every day with a new schedule.
There will be club parties by night and in the afternoon it will also work as a gastro-bar for some cocktails and petiscos, on the terrace.

Despite the changes, music will always have the leading role with new eclectic programming.
So on some Thursdays, there is Pimenta Caseira (Homemade Pepper), an HMB live music satellite project that brings together several artists with a resident band. Fridays are for Maracatu, a kind of Churrasquinho‘s child, which are very popular Brazilian music parties. On Saturdays, there is Reunião (Reunion), the R&B and Hip Hop nights and Sundays are keeping the afternoon parties.

This new Rive-Rouge goal is to gather the newest and best music values in town.
The Club is opened from Wed-Sun and works with a guest list.
For more information just send a message through its social networks or via email: rouge@rive-rouge.com.

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