It is true that our 200 sunny days on average, our beautiful surroundings and our unique bright sky helps the mood and wellbeing, but skincare can also benefit from a few well known and established Portuguese beauty brands.

If you want to know more about some beauty brands made in Portugal recognized beyond frontiers explore a bit more about my favorites.



One of the most famous Portuguese beauty care brand is Claus Porto.

Spread around the world and available in 60 countries – with its first international boutique opening in New York in 2018 – since 1887 it produces unique soaps and fragrances and its perfumes are timeless and a tradition in our homes.

Clausporto Lisbon flagship store is the perfect place to discover its products and immerse yourself in its centenary savoir-faire.

On the lower floor of this Chiado store, you will find their male beauty-care line Musgo Real, with specialized consulting service, a barber shop and grooming services.


Founded in 1925 in Lisbon by a pharmacist who made miraculous skincare ointments with exclusively natural ingredients, it even became the official Portuguese Royal House supplier, since the former Queen D. Amelia loved these products.

Until today Benamôr products are much desired for its quality and their irresistible art-deco packaging.

Its best-sellers are Gordíssimo and Alantoíne ranges as well as their uncomparable hand creams.

Visit Benamôr flagship store or find its products at El Corte Inglés or A Vida Portuguesa.


This luxury brand is 100% Portuguese and its products are inspired by the warmth, aromas, and colors of Portugal.

In addition to its famous soaps and hand creams, Castelbel has developed an impressive line of home products, such as aromatic candles, scented sachets, and natural (non-alcoholic) essential oil diffusers.

Their men’s range with shaving products, from brushes to balms and face soaps is worthy of any true gentleman’s essentials skincare kit.

Head to Castelbel flagship store at CCB or find their products at Embaixada in Príncipe Real.



Charles Do Rosário, a lusodescendant came up with this idea after years on end returning from his summer holidays in his family’ country without any souvenir that worthily represented his Portuguese experience.

In 2011, after leaving France and moving to Lisbon, he decided to raise people’s awareness on the importance of respecting and preserving one of the richest cultural heritage in Portugal, its tiles.

Lisbão is a unique range of handmade soaps that combine the smells of his vacation memories, such as carioca de limão (an old fashion kind of lemon tea) or amêndoa amarga (a well known portuguese almond liquor), that visually dazzles in its reproduction of traditional motifs on Portuguese tiles.

Made with vegetable oils through cold process technique, each soap is cut individually and wrapped by hand.

You can contact directly Lisbão to choose your favorite one, instead of taking the risk of buying a stolen azulejo (tile) from Lisbon facades, buy a soap.

Fun fact? The name of this brand arises from the contraction between Lisboa (Lisbon) and sabão (soap).


This brand was developed in 1835, at Barral pharmacy, in Rua do Ouro, to promote skin health and nowadays this pharmacy stands at Rua Augusta, also at Baixa in Lisbon.

Since then Barral has been adding and developing their range of products, from baby care to moisturizing creams for the elderly, so you can also find it available at several supermarkets.

One of their most wanted and first produced creams is a heavy nurturing emollient that moisturizes, protects and softens the skin, and I always have a small tube of this cream in my purse to take care of my hands.

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