It mirrors the rejection of mass production and captivates those who want to stand out from the crowd. A Vintage fan demands history and soul in each of their choices.

The Vintage style is well and alive within all creative areas and for all creative minds.
It mirrors the rejection of mass production and captivates those who want to stand out from the crowd.

A Vintage fan demands history and soul in each of their choices but a Vintage spirit is not necessarily a return to the past; it is a look at the present and certainly a revival for the future.

In Lisbon, the headquarters of Vintage Fashion is, without any doubt, A Outra Face da Lua, literally meaning The Other Side of the Moon.

The store opened 15 years ago in the Baixa area and Carla Belchior, one of the founders is a guru and high reference for all things Vintage.
Their offer includes unique or second-hand pieces that come from around the world from a selection of clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories for men and women, with styles from the 60s and up to the 90s decades.

After so many years collecting a legion of loyal customers, this family business decided to create an online store where you will find sunglasses, tote bags, shirts, jackets, dresses, jeans, tracksuits from the 90s and even a private collection with exclusive scarves from brands like Christian Dior, Emilio Pucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Burberry, Hèrmes and Chanel.

The A Outra Face da Lua delivers worldwide and shipping to Portugal is free for orders over 25 €.

The Cantinho do Vintage team gathers some experts and great explorers.
The name in Portuguese stands for Vintage Nook but this overwhelming warehouse has nothing about little and surprises everyone with the best of vintage, industrial and Nordic style in decoration, with striking and unique pieces.

The offer results from many trips, always looking for timeless and special pieces focusing mainly on the 50s and the 60s, but you can also find articles from the 20s and 30s in this showroom at Marvila, Lisbon.
Every item tells a story about where it was acquired; if it has been restored, if it comes from an old grocery store, stationery, or any other curiosity.

You can buy furniture, decoration, and lighting but also rent for events, scenography, theater, cinema, television and shop windows.

The A Vida Portuguesa is a store (well, three) that literally tells wonderful stories about the Portuguese way of living through classic and rescued famous Portuguese brands.

For locals, this magic place is constantly revisiting our grandparents’ daily lives and for visitors is a mesmerizing show of retro packagings and genuine products.

The power of Saudade – that exclusive Portuguese word describing the feeling of missing something or someone and the million memories attached – is well alive within these stores and from north to south of Portugal, the A Vida Portuguesa team explores the Portuguese manufactured production and reveal all these essential products that still maintain unsurpassed efficiency and quality.

From groceries to drugstore products, from perfumes to soaps and skincare products, from stationery to pottery and traditional ceramics, from homeware to unique gifts their selection cross generations and reveal Portugal’s soul.

Their exclusive editions are also a must for those who want to innovate maintaining a vintage look in their lives.

You can buy all these online or you can experience this memory lane at Chiado, Intendente, or Time Out Market.

If in addition to a taste for vintage you have a spirit of treasure hunting, Sound Club Vinyl Store is a mandatory stop if you’re looking for musical gems.

Alexandre Barbosa, the owner and a DJ that has been playing on some of the main Lisbon Clubs and Radio stations is an exquisite music collector and his store, at Chiado is filled with racks of used vinyl from bossa-nova to fado, from funk to disco, jazz, rap, blues, classical and some rarities of African music.

A place for music lovers to feel welcomed where you can indulge your ears always guided by Alexandre Barbosa knowledge and tips.

Get in touch with Sound Club Vinyl Store now that we are all restricted with the Covid19 situation, and he’ll gladly help you to keep you updated on their activities.

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