Lisbon is a lucky city with 220 sunny days on average every year, and these summer days, after long confinement are inviting us to go out and enjoy it!

Pleasant afternoons, family, and friends are a perfect formula for a picnic, but before choosing the site, take into account some tips so that everything runs smoothly.

Keep in mind the available space inside the basket or the bag you’ll choose to take and make sure the liquids are well-sealed and the food boxes tightly closed.

Remember to slice in advance the pies and to peel and cut the fruits. You can use cocktail sticks as forks.

Wrap the sandwiches in foil and place them in airtight bags and take a cooler bag for drinks, that you must tightly close and open it as little as possible

Don’t forget to take a small clean board and a pocket knife, for you may want to cut cheese, ideally dry and cured or slice some Portuguese sausages.

Mind that you will most likely sit on the floor or the grass, so take a blanket or a canvas lining throw and some pillows for comfort.

The cool shade of the trees is ideal for the heat hours but remember that Lisbon is a windy city at the end of the day, especially in June and July, so bring a sweater.

And above all take napkins, bags for undifferentiated and recyclable garbage, avoid plastic cutlery and plates and use reusable or biodegradable material.

Now that everything and everyone is gathered choose your favorite spot from this following list and let’s make a picnic!

The Gulbenkian Garden is one of the most emblematic gardens of the modern movement in Portugal and a reference to Portuguese landscape architecture.
It is in the center of Lisbon, but you will feel away from all the hustle and bustle of the city without going too far.
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Once inside, the Gulbenkian garden welcomes us with a pond with ducks and many nooks full of nature, a quiet environment, and a lot of privacy. This is probably the most romantic choice for a picnic.

Parque José Gomes Ferreira
José Gomes Ferreira Park

This park, also known as Mata de Alvalade, has almost 25 thousand acres of nature, where you can choose to have your meal on a lawned area, clearings among the trees, or even a picnic area with wooden and stone tables and benches.
There is also a playground where children can play and circuits for running and exercising, in case you want to burn some calories.

This is the largest green area in Lisbon, known as the city lung, and perhaps the best park to picnic with children and family.
The Alvito Recreative Park (Parque Recreativo do Alvito) is one of the oldest in the city and one of the most emblematic in this Monsanto forest area. No pets are allowed, but the picnic area has even a wood oven.
Kids will love all the space they have to run and roll around and parents will love the fact of not losing sight of them.

Tapada das Necessidades jardim
Tapada das Necessidades e Palacio

This garden is kind of a Lisbon secret. Once the private garden of the Necessidades Palace, nowadays it is open to the public from 10 am to 6 pm every day, with free entrance.
It is a huge garden classified as a Forest Reserve, with an incredible view over the Tagus and two entrances, one to the north, at Rua do Borja, and the other to the south, at Largo das Necessidades on the right side facing the Palace.
Here you will find several rare trees, which came from different countries and this garden is also home to one of the largest cactus collections in the world.
There is also a circular greenhouse, which was built by King D. Pedro V for his wife and a charming building, the Casa do Regalo that served as a painting studio for Queen D. Amélia.
It has a dense forest, three lakes, and an immense lawn. It is an enchanted garden and it will certainly be difficult to choose the perfect spot for your picnic.

Lisbon is not just about ancient neighborhoods and blue tiles, and fado.
In this oriental side of the city, which is still less crowded, among the modern and emblematic buildings that were built for the 1998 World Exhibition EXPO 98, with the Oceans as the theme, you will find plenty of pleasant gardens and spaces for a picnic by the river.
O Jardim das Ondas (The Waves Graden) between the Lisbon Oceanarium and the Tejo river, has this name because of the smooth waves on the ground reminding the rhythm of the ocean and the movement of the waters.
This is where the kids run at will and you can lie down on the grass with a natural backrest while eating and enjoying a light meal outdoors.

Tapada da Ajuda is a botanical park with about 248 thousand acres, right next to Alcântara.
Among its attractions, you will find orchards, vineyards, meadows, vegetable gardens, a botanical reserve, football and rugby fields, the Lisbon Astronomical Observatory, and the Agronomy University.
At its highest point, there is a viewpoint that offers a wide panoramic view of the city and the Tejo river and, of course, this Park has plenty of space for your picnic and it even has an area for barbecues.

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