The vegetarian way of life has been gaining more and more fans in recent years and this reality has dictated increasing knowledge and access to recipes, conscious choices, and greater variety on offer both in markets and in restaurants all over the world.

First things first. The vegetarian diet involves abstaining from eating meat, fish, and poultry, and many people often adopt a vegetarian diet for religious or personal reasons, as well as ethical issues, such as animal rights.

You can be a vegetarian or a vegan, not consuming animal meat or animal products such as eggs, dairy, and honey.

The Raw Veganism excludes all food and products of animal origin, as well as food cooked at a temperature above 48°C (118°F) and the Fruitarianism, a somewhat controversial diet, is a subset of raw veganism and involves a diet consisting of about 75% raw fruit by weight, and 25% nuts and seeds.

Within Vegetarianism there are different choices: the Ovo-vegetarianism allows the consumption of eggs but not dairy products, unlike the Lacto-vegetarianism that allows the consumption of dairy products but cut out eggs from their diets

And then there are two ways in this path to achieve a more sustainable life that gain more and more followers: the pescetarianism diet includes fish and seafood in addition to vegetarian foods such as beans, vegetables, fruits, dairy and grains, and the Flexitarianism, for those not quite ready to commit but doing their part for the environment and their health by reducing meat consumption through movements like Meatless Monday which has been embraced around the world.

The vegetarian way of life has been gaining more and more fans in recent years and this reality has dictated increasing knowledge and access to recipes, conscious choices, and greater variety on offer both in markets and in restaurants all over the world.

While exploring this lifestyle, we found a centuries-old eating habit based on the seasonality of the food and the creativity of its preparation, without forgetting the health and the curiosity of having created a 100% vegetarian dish, long before vegetarian food became a trend.

The consumption of soup is almost as old as humanity, dating back to prehistory, being considered one of the oldest dishes in the world, if not the oldest.

Did you know that Portugal is one of the biggest consumers of soup in the world? So much so, that in Portugal, and only in Portugal, a well-known American fast-food chain included soup in their menus.

Soup is the basis of a good meal and the Portuguese take this habit very seriously, so much so that soup is mandatory on school menus.

Soup is the most important source of vegetable intake in Portugal and one of the tricks for maintaining a healthier diet.

Portugal is also one of the most creative countries in terms of recipes that change a lot of ingredients and confection depending on the region.

Most of the Portuguese soups are creamy because of potatoes as the base of every recipe and are very rich because of the huge variety of cooked vegetables and added ingredients such as rice, pasta, or beans.

You can find some of the most famous Portuguese soups and its recipes at Suzana in Lisbon Instagram.

So rest assured that in any restaurant in Lisbon that you choose to go you’ll surely have a Soup of the day option to be served.

Meanwhile, if you live in Lisbon or if you’re in Lisbon and are looking for another option for a comforting and tasty vegetarian meal, these are some of my favorite restaurants.

This one is more than a simple vegetarian restaurant.
Jardim dos Sentidos is an oasis in the center of Lisbon, close to Avenida da Liberdade, where food is excellent therapy, but it is not the only therapy available.
The menu is prepared with the nutritional and therapeutic values of food in mind, with Ayurvedic influences.
From Monday to Friday, the buffet lunch for € 9.40 is delicious, but If you are looking for an unforgettable experience to surprise your loved one, nothing better than a Zen Dinner, with an hour of massage to tease your appetite and balance the energetic levels, in a romantic candlelit tent.

Set in a picturesque square, with large trees in the center and an amphitheater staircase, in the heart of Mouraria, The Food Temple by Canadian, Chinese origin Alice Ming is a dream come true because of crowdfunding.
Here dishes change every day along with the type of fresh produce in the markets, and at this vegetarian temple, there’s always soup, dishes to share, the main course, and homemade desserts.

Close to Campo Mártires da Pátria, this is one of the oldest and most special vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon, serving for 15 years now.
The garden, with a waterfall and a lake, was opened by the Dalai Lama, and also has a playground and a vegetable garden with herbs.
Yasser Saiyad, the chef, prepares dishes of Indian, Thai, and Italian influences every day, some of them vegan and gluten-free.

Just as the name says this is the place of three daughters and their mother in Largo de São Sebastião where they serve vegan meals with organic and superfoods to mix and a lot of attention to waste.
Almost every day there’s an entry that is sold under the name “zero waste”: what is left of yesterday’s dish is today’s entry.
On their menu, you will also find a variety of bowls, energy balls, and cereal bars as well as fresh juices and flavored waters.

This restaurant based on the various cuisines of the East, known for its great interior courtyard, has a Buddhist temple on the upper floors, where prayer and meditation and yoga are practiced.
The menu is an ovolactovegetarian offer and has influences from all over the world.
Try the spinach and cheese momos, the traditional seitan, the goat cheese and pesto salad, the mango curry with tofu, and the rose petal ice cream with yogurt.

This restaurant is 100% vegetable, nothing is of animal origin and the idea is to present smart dishes with an appealing plating, because it is possible to combine flavor and healthy food presentation, with vegetable ingredients only.
The place is decorated with woods and green tones, and cocktails, wines, and craft beer are also served.

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