Ready to receive nomads, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, working in coworking spaces in Lisbon is increasingly common, and these thriving shared work environments are ready to welcome you.

The desire to work on your own, the possibility to work remotely, the entrepreneurial and autonomous spirit, even more so in times of renovation are perfect requirements to look for a coworking space.

Ready to receive nomads, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, working in coworking spaces in Lisbon is increasingly common, and these thriving shared work environments are ready to welcome you.

These spaces allow you to access the fast internet and have several useful services available to increase productivity.

In these spaces, people and companies can share knowledge so that their ideas take shape, and the biggest goal of coworking spaces is to create a kind of community of sharing and mutual help.

In this article, you will discover some of the best coworking spaces in Lisbon. Follow me!

Forja Cowork Studio
Forja Cowork + Studio

Lisbon has long been simmering with creativity and this new coworking space is the long-needed solution specifically for the creative industry.

Gathering freelancers and small teams in the area of photography, video, design, communication, and digital marketing the main added value of Forja Cowork + Studio it’s the professional Photo and Video Studio, which can also be used for workshops, lectures, and presentations.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” this is their motto and this is how you’re greeted at Forja.
For this reason, this coworking space also has a series of scheduled actions aimed at promoting the professional growth of each element.

Marta Airoso, the founder and manager, has been working in the field of design and communication for over 20 years and created this space with the desire to help others take their professional path further and overcome obstacles.

Prices vary between 35 € and 270 € plus VAT for different plans, ranging from simple correspondence domicile and use of the meeting room to the rental of two desks, and use of the studio, lounge, and kitchen.

First of all, Marvila is a neighborhood in Lisbon undergoing rapid renovation and reinvention where old abandoned warehouses give way to craft beer factories and bars, restaurants, concert halls, and many of the most interesting and modern art galleries in the city.

Second of all this coworking space is located in one of the most curious buildings in the city, where once important wine and liquors were produced.

Nowadays this impressive building turned into an office, a coworking space, a hub, and even an events venue.

So this coworking space is all about the location where entrepreneurs, freelancers, and nomads, dreamers, and makers share the same workspace at Lisbon Workhub whit spaces for rent from 15€ a day or 160€ a month.

Literally meaning All, it is also in Marvila, in a recovered warehouse, that the Todos project has been hosting more than 85 creatives and artists since 2013.

Art, in its various expressions, is the main focus here, and studios, workspaces, meeting rooms, or even make-up rooms are rented.

In 2017, Todos grew and inaugurated, the …E Mais Alguns (…And Some More) space integrating the Fábrica Moderna (another Marvila warehouse) with many workshops and courses every.

Prices are not fixed, as in Todos, creativity is promoted above all, so the price is settled according to the type of project that each person presents.

An old movie theater in the Alvalade neighborhood, which once was the delight of many moviegoers for years, has been turned inside out and transformed into Places.

This coworking space conveniently located in a residential neighborhood in a building with three floors and a capacity for 130 people, has a beautiful terrace for some breaks, some sunsets, and some brainstormings.

There are three floors opened between 8 am and midnight, with a security guard permanently during those hours.
For late hours each coworker has a card that gives access to the floor where he works, to maintain the security of space.

From 60€ to 220€ there are several options for using this coworking space and the most complete plan includes a dedicated phone number and eight hours of meeting room available.

It is not an office center and it’s not just a coworking space.

On the riverside, Lisbon Art Center & Studios (LACS) building is a creative pole open to the public with cultural programming and a rooftop with a 360-degree view over Lisbon and the Tagus, where the Okah restaurant and the Zazah Good View terrace are located.

LACS offers ways to maximize cultural consumption and at the same time support production and promote visual arts and cultural events, in the context of strong urban identity, creativity, and innovation.

Private or shared desks are available and, for those who like more privacy, there are private studios. Prices range from 190€ to 220€per month.

In one of the most prestigious business areas in the city, in a 19th-century building, on Avenida da Liberdade, Liberdade 229 is one of the oldest coworking spaces in the city and has maintained its line of action and shared ideas since its opening.

It has 34 tables spread over seven rooms and working here is very simple – 180€ per month for a secretary, having access to the meeting room, telephone booth, pantry, internet, prints, and mail reception.

For some breaks, there is a ping pong table and members have access seven days a week for 24 hours a day, for those who have their own work dynamics and do not like to keep working hours.

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