Inspired by the famous Hawaiian Poke Bowls, my Poke Bowls, Portuguese Flavors are made with the versatility and flavor of Portuguese canned fish.

With the arrival of summer, Lisbon empties more and more and many Lisbon residents settle in beach houses, country houses, towards the Algarve or the north of the country.

And we all agree that the Summer heat and the warm weekends and holidays ask us for simplicity and laziness.

The goal is to escape the hustle and bustle!

But for those who stay in Lisbon, or even close by, they are also entitled to breaks.

Fortunately, it is not at all difficult to find refugees around Lisbon and the city is surrounded by beaches and unmissable landscapes.

But wherever you choose to go I ask you: after a whole day at the beach, bathing in the sea and sunbathing on your skin, do you still have the strength or desire to cook for dinner?

I bet you don’t and just want to eat something quick, light, and fresh, preferably accompanied by a good white wine that has been in the fridge waiting for you all day.

So today I bring you another recipe inspired by the Hawaiian Poke Bowls, but with 100% Portuguese flavors!

This suggestion is incredibly simple to prepare and you will see that it will taste a thousand times better than a pizza or a sandwich, after a long beach day.

Just put an egg to boil. Meanwhile, you just have to open two cans.
One of cooked black beans and one of tuna in olive oil.

Drain the tuna oil and set aside, to use it in the sauce.
Cut 3 cherry tomatoes, and the egg, once cooked, in quarters.
Arrange everything in a bowl and drizzle with a sauce of olive oil (from the tuna) vinegar and mint leaves cut into strips.

To accompany perfectly remove from the cold and open a bottle of Mundus Selected Harvest produced from selected grapes of Verdelho
(90%) and Moscatel Graitão breeds (10%).

A wine of citrus yellow color, with an intense aroma of green apple and apricot and of fresh taste, revealing an intense balanced acidity and therefore perfect for experimenting with various summer recipes.

And there you have! A Poke Bowl with a traditional Portuguese recipe, as quick to prepare as the snap of your fingers.