If you are one of those people who love to share photos on your Instagram about the best moments and the most surprising discoveries of your trips, trust these suggestions that I reveal to you to get the most amazing and instagramable photos in Lisbon.

It looks like we traveled back in time and landed somewhere in the 19th century.
Not that we want to leave Lisbon but the surprise of this street lies in the stories it tells us through its involvement and implementation.

This small and discreet street surrounds us with palaces of the high bourgeoisie of Lisbon in the 19th century and shelters us under shady trees that help to create magical environments of light for the framing of surprising photos.

It is called Rua de Julio de Andrade and on one side it displays the three best situated and grandest palaces in the family of this banker who was director of Banco de Portugal and founded the Animal Protection Society.
Julio de Andrade and his family were the first residents of these lands.

On the other side of the street, no less impressive, there are a few eclectic villas surrounded by elegant gardens.

This street located on the hill of Campo de Santana that connects Jardim do Torel to Campo dos Martires da Pátria is so scenic that it was chosen to record in 1993 part of the highly successful movie, The House of the Spirits, based on Isabel Allende’s book with the same name and starring Meryl Streep and Jeremy Irons.

The mansion at number 7 on this street, which was once the residence of Julio de Andrade‘s brother, was the place chosen to represent the manor house of the protagonist’s childhood in this film.

The number 1 of Rua de Julio de Andrade marks the entrance to Jardim do Torel where you can enjoy the sun loungers, the magnificent view over Lisbon and the viewpoint with a terrace.

Known as the Lisbon’ Riviera, it is a secret of this city that is worth knowing in detail and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful streets in Lisbon that you will surely want to share on your wanderlust filled Instagram.

Rossio Fountains

The monumental fountains at Rossio, or Praça Dom Pedro IV, were added to the square in 1889, one on each side of the statue of D. Pedro IV.

The ornamental fountains of Val d’Osne Foundry were built on two wells found in this square.

They are noteworthy for their architectural beauty, with emphasis on the wonderful sculptures of mythological figures, in cast iron, of French influence, making it a must-visit reference for all visitors to Lisbon.

But it is at night that the colorful lighting installed in this monument promises amazing photos to share on your Instagram.

Casa do Alentejo
Casa do Alentejo

Anyone walking down the street of Coliseu dos Recreios does not imagine that behind the simple facade of number 58 is hidden one of the most amazing buildings in the whole city.

Entering and going up the first flight of stairs you will suddenly find yourself in an inner courtyard worthy of a Moroccan riad with lush vegetation that looks like it has traveled directly from a tropical country.

Continuing along another more imposing staircase, you will find a series of rooms that look like they left Versailles, others are lined with old tiles, another with green cloth game tables, memories of an old casino that worked here, a library and even a small stage for various shows.

Discovering this palace, built in the 17th century is similar to a journey through many enchanted stories, which today serves as a venue for numerous business and private events and of course for a photo session that would only lack a characterization to match each season and environment that this space portrays.

Superheroes Tiles

Lisbon is undoubtedly the city of tiles and there are countless guides and suggestions that widely promote many traditional and ancient facades and panels that often show the history of Portugal and the beauty of this art that dates back to the 16th century.

But there are also some panels that stand out for their contemporaneity and modernity designed by some urban artists that make this ancestral work evolve.

This is the case of a work signed by the Icelandic artist Erró, from 2004, at Parque das Nações, which illustrates several heroes of comics and the universe of science fiction, from Superman to Spiderman.

In this large tile panel that lines the outer wall of the Art’s Business & Hotel Center Complex, hundreds of Marvel, DC, or Star Wars characters await the fun poses of comic book fans.

Fernando Pessoa statue
Fernando Pessoa

If we are talking about photographs and instagramable images in Lisbon, it is impossible not to mention the statue of this writer and poet from Lisbon.

In Chiado, next to the café terrace A Brasileira, one of Fernando Pessoa‘s mandatory stops is probably the most photographed statue in the whole city.

Much like the old portraits, it is impossible to resist the temptation to sit in the empty chair of this sculpture, to take a picture with this famous Portuguese poet.